A Time To Tell

The Boy Scouts of America recommends that troops view the

youth protection video "A Time To Tell" annually.


The video which emphasizes the three "R's" of youth protection (Recognize, Resist and Report) is available to view below in five parts. Parents should view this video and decide whether this is something they would like their scout to view with the troop or privately with the parent(s). In the near future Troop 223 will be planning a meeting in order for the scouts to view this video so it is important that this decision is made prior to that.

There is also a Troop Meeting Guide which explains the talking points of each section of the video. You can click below for that document in PDF format.

Troop Meeting Guide



A Time To Tell (Part 1)




A Time To Tell (Part 2)

A Time To Tell (Part 3)

A Time To Tell (Part 4)

A Time To Tell (Part 5)