Summer Camp 2016

Summer Camp 2016

Camp Manatoc - July 10th through 16th

Super Heroes 

Davey Crocket Campsite

  Deposit Slip

Information Packet

Camp Fees

Payable to Troop 223

Early Bird Fee – if paid by May 10, 2016   $255.00

Basic Fee – If paid by Thursday June 21, 2016.   $275.00

Late Fee – If paid at check in, Sunday July 10, 2016. $290.00

Photograph (optional) $7.00

Motor boating Merit Badge $8.00

Pay at the camp

Rifle Shooting $1.00 (for 10 rounds)

Shotgun Shooting $2.00 (for 5 shots)

Muzzle Loading Rifle Shooting $2.00 (for 5 shots)

Rocket Engines $10.00 (approx.)

Try SCUBA (Need Parent-signed forms before camp) $25.00 (SCUBA Chit)

New for 2016

Electricity Merit Badge

Cooking Merit Badge

Family Life Merit Badge

Automotive Maintenance Merit Badge

Collections Merit Badge

Aviation Merit Badge

Countdown to Camp – Troop Timeline

May 10th - Deposit slip due ($25) or Early Bird ($255)

May 14th - First year camper orientation at Manatoc Dining Hall. 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM

May 24th - Regular Summer Camp Meeting

June 7th - Merit Badge Expo

June 11th - Camp Manatoc Early Swim Test at Camp Manatoc. 1 PM to 5 PM

June 21st - Summer Camp Fees Due / Medical Forms Due / Permission Slip Due / BSA Medical Form Due (AB&C)  OTC Medication Form Due / Optional Troop Photo $7 Due.  Merit Badge Sign-up

 June 30th - Troop Leaders & SPL – 10 day meeting at Camp Manatoc

 July 10th - Leave for camp

Meet in Dodge Parking lot at 9:15 AM

Parents can take pictures of the Troop approx. 9:45 AM

Leave for Manatoc at 10:15 AM

Arrive at Manatoc at 11 AM

Parents leave camp by  11:45 AM

 July 13th - Parent Night BBQ

Gates open at 4:30 PM

Watch Retreat Banner Ceremony at 5:45 PM  (Optional, but your son will be there)

Come to the pavilion near our campsite for a BBQ!

Gates close at 9:30 PM

 July 16th - Return home from camp

Please pick your son up at Camp Manatoc.  Arrive at camp between 9:00 and 9:30 AM.

No scout may leave before the troop is dismissed

Scouts who wish to leave before Saturday, or before dismissal on Sunday, are avoiding their

responsibility to the troop. Cleaning our camp site, and packing away troop gear, is the duty of the

entire troop – and it is extremely un-scout-like to not do your fair share of this work.

See Information Packet (above) For Full Details  

Summer Camp 2015

 Summer Camp 2015

Knights of Old Marnoc

Davey Crocket Campsite

July 12th through July 18th 

Take a step back from present day this summer to a time of chivalry, dragons, and mutton eating as the Camp Manatoc as you know it is transformed into a medieval kingdom. Build a catapult at Scoutcraft, catch your very own dragon for the critter contest, or maybe give Robin Hood a run for his money at Archery. Best of all each patrol will have the honor of participating in the Grand Tournament on Tuesday from 2:30pm-5:00pm where their scouting skills will be put to the
test in a series of trials as they vie for the king's favor and the ultimate glory of being crowned champions. Strap on your helmets and have your swords at the ready because this is a summer you won't soon forget! 

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Summer Camp 2013

Summer Camp 2013

The Raiders of Manatoc

Summer Camp 2012 Survivors

The Summer Camp 2012